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Est. 2002

Fine collection of

Stunning Carpets


Welcome to the world of Aaban Arts & Crafts.

Aabanarts has been in the industry for over two decades and with each passing year we aim to provide the best services.  At Aabanarts you will find everything from the most exclusive to the more traditional nomadic carpets to custom handmade carpets in a wide arrangement of styles, patterns and sizes.

Ethnically Manufactured
At Aabanarts, we are against recruitment of child labour. Aabanarts is compliant and abides by the Labour Laws. We are actively involved in the complete process of manufacturing of the rugs and ensure that fair practices are exercised. We are strictly against any involvement of children and are pro-actively ensuring that we are not encouraging or participating in the heinous crime in any way.

Sustainability is a need of the future. It is very easy to admire the natural beauty of our magnificent planet but we overlook the cost. We at Aabanarts make constant efforts to sustain the earth in whichever way we can. We provide a myriad of designs made by sustainable natural fibres and try to keep our proccesses clean.

At AA&C, you are spoilt for choice. From luxurious, opulent treasures to plain and geometric minimalistic patterns, we have it all! You can further give custom orders and we create the best quality rugs for all your needs.  You can connect with us over e-mail or a phone call and we can give you a virtual tour of our collection. 

A Hand Loom is unique in its own way. The video shows a glimpse on the beautiful process in which a Hand-Made carpet is made. It also shows the hard work and harmony required at each step to get a beautiful carpet. The artisans work hard to bring the best to the designs. 

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